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1-3 Bathrooms
Pelican Model:
10,500 NIS 
4-6 Bathrooms
Pelican Model:
12,400 NIS

The Pelican NaturSoft system is a premium, maintenance-free, no-salt water softener /conditioner that offers an industry leading limited lifetime warranty on tanks and parts. Other benefits include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the NaturSoft filter out chlorine and chemicals from my water?
No, the Pelican NaturSoft is a water softener/conditioning system. Its sole purpose is to deal with the hardness in your water and not the contaminants. If you are interested in filtering chlorine and other chemicals from your water, you may want to consider the Pelican Whole House Water Filter and Softening Combo.
Q. What makes NaturSoft different from similar technologies?

Unlike other systems on the market, the NaturSoft systems requires only 3 seconds of contact with the water, while the others require 9 seconds or more. The Pelican NaturSoft is unlike any other system on the market. The NaturSoft is made in the USA and is sold only by Pelican Water Systems.

Another benefit of going with Pelican is the lifespan of the NaturSoft catalytic granules. NaturSoft catalytic granules have been rigorously tested in the real world, used in the commercial industry, and made to be non-sacrificial, therefore it requires no "rest time", and requires no replacement. Other similar technologies require replacement every 3-5 years at costs of $600-$1,000 and require you not use their systems for 8 hours a day for proper rest!

Q. Do I need to replace the media in the NaturSoft System?

Unlike other systems on the market, the NaturSoft systems catalytic granules have been rigorously tested in the real world, used in the commercial industry, and made to be non-sacrificial, therefore it requires no replacement. Other similar technologies require replacement every 3-5 years at costs of $600-$1,000!

Q. If the water hardness is tested after the system is installed will the hardness level be different?
If the water is tested after the NaturSoft System is installed the hardness level will not be reduced. The NaturSoft system uses a no salt technology called T.I.C. which prevents hard water minerals from creating scale, while still leaving those benefical minerals in your water. The result is water that is balanced. Because a hard water test only checks for the amount of calcium in the water, and not if it will scale, the strip may still show hard, but the NaturSoft is still protecting your appliances and your home with treated water.
Q. What is the difference between water spots (evaporative deposits) and hard water scale?

Hard Water Scale

Hard water scale buildup is mineral deposits that form inside your water heater, pipes, shower heads and icemakers. This scale occurs because the water is over-saturated with hardness minerals causing those minerals to come out of solution and form scale on pipes and heating elements. This scale can reduce water pressure and damage appliances.

Evaporative Mineral Deposits

Any time water is allowed to evaporate on the outside of faucets, shower doors and counter tops, dissolved solids and minerals are left behind. When these solids are left un-cleaned for a length of time they mix with soap and dirt around them to create a hard to remove water spotting deposit. Since the water has already evaporated, the scale formed is no longer related to the water, and adding a salt water softener will not prevent this, because salt softeners leave sodium in the water, which will also leave water spots.

The Natursoft Solution

A water softener will not stop water spotting. The Pelican no salt water softener will help reduce the amount of heavy cleaning you need to do to remove those spots and will eliminate hard water scale in your pipes and appliances. When treated with Natursoft, minerals that are left behind on surfaces when the water evaporates do not bond or stick to the surface around them, making cleaning easier. With Hard water scale prevented , the no salt water softener has protected your appliances from damaging hard water.

Q. How will the NaturSoft System be shipped?
The NaturSoft Systems are shipped via UPS Ground in the highest quality doubled walled box with side cushions and a custom top piece. No expense has been spared to ensure your system arrives in factory fresh condition.

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